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A Professional View on Commercial Mold Remediation

8/6/2018 (Permalink)

These days, there seems to be a do-it-yourself guide for every situation.

With a quick “how to” internet search, you can have step-by-step instructions to do everything – from planting your own garden to building a rocket.

It’s a privilege to have access to so much information, and the fact that there are so many tasks which can be completed on your own (with practice and the right tools) is wonderful.

However, dealing with mold isn’t a task anyone should undertake without professional help. Mold is a particularly nasty problem which, if not prevented, can lead to damaged homes.

A mold invasion can be an even more problematic situation for commercial spaces. Mold issues at home can at least be taken care of while you’re at work. But having mold at your place of business is a completely different situation.

SERVPRO knows how difficult mold can be based on experience servicing businesses throughout the Nashville, Percy Priest community. As your go-to source for commercial mold remediation, we’d like to shed light on how mold can begin and how we’re here to put an end to it.

Mold’s Humble Beginnings

Summer heat is typically a time where people enjoy going for a dip in a cool pool or a lake. Unfortunately, mold loves the combination of heat and moisture that happens during the summer months just as much as we do.

What causes mold growth is the meeting of unchecked moisture and a warm climate.

One thing that can be commonly overlooked is the root cause of mold. Pipes are used every day, especially in commercial spaces to transport massive amounts of water, and like anything, they experience wear and tear.

This will eventually lead to leaks.

A pro tip is to consider areas where water runs through pipes as a possible point for mold growth.

Whether in your business’s kitchen or bathroom, a leaky pipe can be the beginning of a much bigger problem and it is something that should never be ignored.

Why Getting a Pro is Way Better Than a DIY

You’ve already probably noticed mold growth in your building and you’re now looking for solutions.

Even in the age of open source do-it-yourself guides, you need to get a professional to look at your mold situation. Handling it by yourself can be a fast track to seeing mold eat at your walls and wallet because there’s a good chance that it has a hold far beyond what you can see.

The first thing a SERVPRO professional will do is take an assessment of how extensive the damage is. You will be provided with accurate feedback on what needs to be done next.

Why a Mold Assessment is Vital

Knowledge of any situation facing your business is important.

With mold, a professional assessment will give a full account of the damage and what commercial mold remediation work needs to be done.

Commercial mold remediation is a service where a full assessment is taken. During this process, the mold is removed. In extreme cases, this can mean cleaning or getting rid of the carpets, dry wall, and even ceilings which have been compromised by mold.

Special methods, chemicals, and cleaners are then used to clean up the mold – such process also prevents it from returning.

A professional assessment is an all-around look into your mold issue. It will consider the source of the problem, offer solutions to stop it, and employ tactics to keep it from happening again.

SERVPRO is Here to Serve You

Commercial mold remediation is a professional service that SERVPRO finds to be one of the most valuable assets to local businesses.

There are few things more troubling than to see a hardworking business owner come to us with a compound mold issue that would have been easily fixed with professional mold remediation services.

If you want to know more about commercial mold remediation or if you’re in need of one, feel free to reach out to us.

We’re here, so the mold doesn’t have to be.

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